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Create a home that defines who you are

Are you waiting for an angel to come and help you with all your stuff? Well here I am!

Why Wait any longer?

Waiting for an Angel can help you today!


Let me ‘think outside the box’ and help you get organised. Providing creative and cost effective storage solutions in conjunction with decluttering to keep you on track.

Know How

Years of professional organising has given me the knowledge and expertise to help you out with every aspect of decluttering and organisation


All jobs are handled with the utmost care, empathy and compassion. Sorting through beloved possessions can be emotionally taxing, and I ensure that you are comfortable every step of the way.


I work with you to create a functional space that works for you, tailored specifically to your needs.

Some of the ways I can help you


Interior Design

Let me help you transform your space into a stylish home for you to enjoy. My specialty is recommending rental friendly options.

Commercial properties included

Floor Plan Design

Need help working out where to put everything so it has maximum functionality? I can help you maximise the effectiveness of your space

decluttering and organisation

Every aspect of your life can be streamlined and decluttered, to help you feel lighter and now be weighed down by your ‘stuff’

lifestyle management

Sometimes life is just too much for a 24 hour day! Let me take over the details and make sure all aspects of your life are coordinated. Run that company while I work ‘in the wings’ to make sure your whole life runs smoothly.

Have a Project in mind?

Do you need help with a shed, organising the kids’ rooms, styling a home, staging a room for rental/ sale purposes? Or is it the garden, the warehouse or the pantry that is ‘waiting for an angel’? Contact me today, I can help you with every aspect or decluttering and organisation.


My Blog

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This is where I’ll post hints and tips, news items, and anything I find that will help you on the path to organisation